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WARNING: Contains contents which some may find offensive; if you do not believe love between two individuals of the same gender is acceptable then please turn away now. : )

Disclaimer: I do not own these historical figures.

NOTE: This story will be written in Script format with narration done by one of the characters. And PLEASE do not expect absolute historical accuracies in my story; I like to make things up here and there. Thank you, and happy reading.

(Rutkowski is entirely made up for the convenience of the story because I could not find out who it was that introduced Chopin to Liszt. If anyone knows, please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks!)


Delacroix Narration: Chopin arrived in Paris as a homesick young man looking for a place in the big city. With the help of a fellow Polish businessman, who frequented the artistic circles, managed to get an appointment with an already famous pianist.

(Scene shows Chopin walking and checking his pocket watch)

Chopin: *Stops by the door and goes in*

Concierge: Good afternoon Monsieur, may I take your coat?

Chopin: *Smiles pleasantly and takes off his coat* Oh yes, please, and my hat too. *Hands concierge his hat*

Concierge: *Bows and takes his coat and hat*

Chopin: *Walks into the salon and spots Rutkowski, a friend*

Rutkowski: My dear Frederyk, you’re right on time! *Opens his arms and embraces Chopin*

Chopin: Good afternoon Adam. *Smiles* I can’t express enough gratitude for all the troubles you went through to help me.

Rutkowski: *Puts an arm around Chopin’s shoulders* No problem at all, Frederyk. The fine gentleman you’re about to meet will no doubt boost your artistic career through the roof! *Guides Chopin to sit down*

Chopin: *Turns toward Rutkowski looking almost slightly worried* Do tell me about this Monsieur Liszt. I’ve heard about him, mostly questionable rumours about his personal life, which isn’t what I’m entirely concerned with.

Rutkowski: It’s unfortunate that’s what you hear about these days, with newspapers exploiting the poor fellow’s life. But I can assure you, *turns more towards Chopin and smiling* Monsieur Liszt’s talent definitely surpasses the number of women he’s taken to bed. *Laughs and slaps Chopin’s shoulders*

Chopin: *Gives a pointed look but does not comment* *Looks down at his pocket watch* *It was after their planned meeting time* He is late…

(A distant voice at the door grabs everyone’s attention)

“You wish to take my suit jacket? What are you going to do with it, throw it at the hungry harpies gathering outside the door waiting for me to come out? Passionate women are frightening creatures, dear lad.”

It is rather ironic that the first words Chopin heard from Liszt were his arrogant exaggeration, though meant all in good humor, towards his adoring female fans. With a hearty bark of laughter, Franz, as usual, made his entry far sooner than his actual arrival.

(Chopin stands up, looking slightly nervous)

(Scene switches to the opened door, as Liszt walks in, eyes immediately resting upon Chopin)

As dramatic as his entrance, Franz Liszt walked into the room with confident strides and a large smile plastered on his handsome face. He seemed to have lighted the whole room up with waves of joy, as he grabbed hold of the undivided attention of all in the room; it was easy for him of course, as he is a rather charismatic and charming man.

Rutkowski: Monsieur Liszt, what happened to your suit jacket?

Liszt: *Shifts his eyes away from Chopin for a brief moment* The adorable young lad at the door asked for my coat, but I had none, so I gave him my jacket!

Rutkowski: *Laughs* Always in good humor aren’t you, Monsieur Liszt!

Liszt: *Smiles* Franz would do. *Turns back to look at Chopin with interest*

Rutkowski: *Notes Liszt’s interest* Franz, please allow me to introduce to you, Monsieur Chopin.

Chopin’s first meeting with Liszt was hardly a good one, as Chopin seldom finds pleasurable company first time meeting anybody. He was painfully aware of the attractive nature of Liszt and how much of a direct opposite he was. They were as different as two men can be. And Chopin found this highly offensive to his sensitive heart, as Franz Liszt reminded him of all his shortcomings.

However, as he looked up, meeting Liszt’s intense gaze once more, felt himself unable to look away, as Liszt’s eyes seemed to be winking at him.

Chopin: It’s a great pleasure to meet you, Monsieur Liszt. *Looking flustered*

Liszt: As is mine. *Holds out his hand*

Franz’s hand was strong as he held Chopin’s slender fingers. Chopin, perhaps uncomfortable at the sight of his small hands clutched by Liszt’s large ones, found himself shaking at their first physical contact with each other. And as their hands parted, the one clad in white silk lingered and brushed just slightly against its larger counterpart.

As Rutkowski explained Chopin’s situation to Liszt, with Liszt constantly looking at Chopin, the slight figured Polish man seemed to be currently absent from the conversation regarding himself; his mind entirely concentrated elsewhere.

“I think I know how to help Monsieur Chopin.”

Liszt’s voice jolted Chopin out of his thoughts.

Liszt: *Smiles* But I am curious of his playing.

With his hands shaking and heart fluttering like butterflies, Chopin sat in front of the piano, seemingly nervous having to perform in front of a famous pianist. Perhaps the absence of his beloved white gloves made him insecure under Liszt’s watchful eyes. Liszt of course doesn’t notice this discomfort, as he leaned lightly against the piano, almost as if posing for a portrait, with another handsome but encouraging smile.

Looking down at the keys, Chopin sunk into another moment of self-consciousness. Chopin was not fit to be a performer and he knew this. His heart gives away too easily under the curious, sometimes interrogating pressure of the audience. It frightens him, to have many pairs of eyes looking at every part of him, as if to expose him of his innermost desires.

Liszt: *Reaches out and rests a hand on Chopin’s shoulder*

Chopin: *Shifts his eyes but does not look up* *Pauses a little, and lets out a light breath* *Rests his hands on the piano*

Chopin’s music won over Liszt’s heart faster than how Liszt can woo a woman, but, at the moment, Liszt was blissfully unaware that Chopin’s music won’t be the only thing he falls in love with in the future.


Prologue: [link]

Chapter Two: [link]

MANY THANKS to :icondark-spawn: for teaching me how to do Italics! =D
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IAmTheBlackbird Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I've never read a story in script form (besides Shakespeare for school, but I didn't enjoy that at all), but surprisingly I can see this all very clearly in my mind. This is interesting, but I can see a problem developing (it's a school night, I shouldn't be up till 3 reading stories, no matter how good they are). :D
Aku--chan Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009
I can see it right in front of my eyes.
Everything you wrote, I read it and have the image perfectly in my mind.
I wish I could draw what I see :(
Anyways, I am talking too much^^"

I really enjoy it to read your story.
(Don't be too surprised if you get a comment on every chapter from me :D)
Waterfiish Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009
That is wonderful! It's like you are watching a little movie in your mind, eh? ;)
No no by all means, I enjoy reading your comments!! I appreciate them very much :hug:

Thanks very much for taking the time to read my story; I would love to read your further comments! =D
Aku--chan Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
Yes, it is. That makes the story even better and more fun to continue reading :aww:

Aww, that's nice. Then I'll continue reading and write more comments :D

You are very welcome, I enjoy reading it :)
Waterfiish Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
I see little movies in my head when I'm writing too; it makes me wonder what other people see when reading them. ;)

Thank you for saying you enjoy reading my story; it really means a lot to me, and sometimes when things get rough, it really motivates me to continue writing. =D
Aku--chan Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
That is good.
This is what makes a writer: You see what you want to tell others. (I write stories too and I see somekind of movies in my mind, too)

:) If I'm helpful to you, I'm glad.
I know how much readers comments can mean :aww:
Waterfiish Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
I agree completely. And that's partly what makes writing fun, no? ;)

Oh yes, they really mean a lot. =D
Aku--chan Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
100% agreement :)
Though I don't have much fun nowadays to write.
School keeps me too busy ;_;"

Yeah :) They always encourage to continue writing.
Waterfiish Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009
I understand how you feel; my schedule's become more constricting, so I have less time to write than before as well. = (

They sure do!! =D
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meedorichan12359 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2009
i wish i knew how to do it too >.< but i really really love reading this so far =]
Waterfiish Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2009
Thank you very much! I'm very glad you enjoy reading this story. =D

Italics will make the distinction between narration and dialog parts easier....I am trying to figure out a way. Thanks anyways : )
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